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Anger Management Class Online



The Offender Solutions® Inc. Anger Management Classes

Offender Solutions® Inc. provides anger management classes as an 8 hour anger management class, a 10 hour anger management class or a 12 hour anger management class. The anger management curriculum is based on, "The Psychology of Anger" by Steven Michael Houseworth, MA. Our anger management classes teach behavior change methods, explore anger and anger management, confront myths about anger management and totally separate the anger emotion from anger behaviors. A key component of an effective anger management class is to educate the student about the dangers of mental rehearsing anger reactions. No anger management class would be complete if it did not include anger management strategy and anger management techniques. All three anger management classes work under the assumption that the way a person thinks guides the way a person behaves. The Offender Solutions® anger management classes use a cognitive restructuring approach which basically follows the tenant of Norman Vincent Peale (1898 – 1993): “Change your thoughts and you will change your world.” Our anger management classes ask the client to explore their attitudes, values and beliefs. Each of our anger management classes end asking the client to figure out what they believe, who they are and to identify their value system. To this end, our anger management classes have a victim focus and work toward understanding and developing empathy.

The Offender Solutions® anger management classes outline communication skills which include active listening. In addition active listening is an important part of anger management, as is developing and understanding of assertiveness and assertiveness skills. Our anger management classes work with the premise that a genuine apology is the only meaningful apology. Those in our anger management classes are not instructed to make an apology but are told of the potency of an apology.

Simply stated our anger management classes are designed to help people, young and old, learn healthy anger management. The consequences of unhealthy anger management include: anger management related health problems, anger management related family problems, anger management related financial problems, anger management related legal problems, and anger management related relationship problems. Anger management class referrals come from courts, employers, schools and of course people make their own anger management class referral. We do not recommend juveniles take our ten or 12 hour anger management classes.

The Offender Solutions® anger management classes began in 1994. As practitioners in the criminal justice field it was very clear that most crime is driven by one for of theft or another (shoplifting, car theft, burglary, robbery etc.) and by anger management problems (assault, menacing, domestic violence, harassment, road rage, etc.). As a result, it only made sense to focus on a specialty of theft and anger management. Our first anger management class was called Temper Talk and we quickly learned that conducting anger management classes is a formidable task. Initially we spent most of our time on techniques and, through trial and error, our anger management class evolved into the anger management class it is today. Our education, the volumes or research and practice has proven that an anger management class has little likelihood of being effective unless a key component is included – the attitudes, values and beliefs of the person with the anger management problem. Anger management clients need to change their thinking if they want to overcome their anger management issues.

As more and more famous people (movie stars, professional athletes and politicians) have experienced anger management problems and been required to complete anger management classes, communities have become more and more aware of the problems associated with anger management. If you put in a “Google Alert” for the words “anger management” you will be flooded on a daily set of anger management emails resulting from anger management problems across the country. Unfortunately, stress is directly correlated to anger and as our culture becomes more stressed we should anticipate more incidences of anger management problems. The good news is that with increased public exposure to famous people with anger management issues people like you and I are more open to seeking anger management classes. These days, most of the anger management clients I meet are not feeling stigmatized by being referred to an anger management class. In fact many of them see anger management classes as an opportunity for personal growth.

What types of people go to Anger Management Classes?

Let's face it, most people don't seek out anger management classes without a precipitating anger management event. The anger management event is typically a set of behaviors that got the person in trouble. “Trouble” with anger management comes in many forms but most commonly those who complete our anger management classes have an anger management problem that got them in trouble with the legal system. There is no law called “anger management problem” but it is common knowledge that assaults, domestic violence, harassment and even murder is often anger related. The next most common group of people who take our anger management classes come as the result of an anger management conflict at work, school or even in their home. What types of people go to anger management classes? Typically the person who goes to an anger management class has been required to attend an anger management class by a judge, probation officer, employer, school official, or even a spouse or parent. Though most people who attend our anger management classes are required to attend, there are people who are tired of the problems their anger have caused and as a result seek anger management classes on their own.

Our anger management classes separate anger into two categories, anger emotions and anger behaviors. Though there are many consequences for extreme, frequent or prolonged anger emotions, most anger management classes serve clients who have displayed inappropriate anger behaviors. Anger management problem behaviors problems are most commonly verbal or physical. Verbal abuse, threatening, loud tirades, verbal threats and verbal assaults are quite common ways people display an anger management problem. As you can well imagine, this kind of verbal reaction to anger is not acceptable in the workplace, at school or in the home and results in consequences. Physical anger management displays often come as an explosion or “blow out” when there is assault, pushing or fighting, a road rage incident or throwing and breaking items, even punching walls and doors.

What are you going to try to do to me in your Anger Management Class?

Strangely enough this anger management question is quite important! It is of high importance to Offender Solutions® that we don't try to do anything to you. Our anger management classes do not try to fix you. Our anger management classes do not judge you. Our anger management classes do not try to force anything on you and have no intent of imposing change on you. Critical to the success of an anger management class is the need to: a) be respectful of the anger management client, b) not be judgmental of the anger management client, c) not try to impose “the truth” on the anger management client and d) not try to impose change on the anger management client. Our anger management class is education oriented and works under the assumption that if you learn you will change your thoughts. If you change your thoughts you will change your behavior, your life and your world. Yes, with great confidence we are strong believers in education, we attribute education to have converted the human animal to the human being. Any change that comes as a result of taking our anger management classes is change that the client makes. We can take credit for providing meaningful information; the client needs to take credit for changing his/her anger management behavior. Life gets much better, much happier and becomes more fulfilling once anger management problems are in the past. Overcoming anger management problems becomes a self-reinforcing new behavior.

Okay, it is education based, so what can I expect to learn in this Anger Management Classes?

Our anger management classes are based on the book by Steven Michael Houseworth, MA, “The Psychology of Anger.” The anger management class curriculum finds a balance between providing new information and providing anger management “stuff” you can try, work on, use to deal with an anger management problem. The education component explains anger in a way you have likely never heard before and then moves right on to asking you to rethink anger management beliefs you may have that are not true – anger management myths. The anger management class provides a formula, (much like a math formula, i.e., 2+3=5) for understanding emotional anger management and another formula for understanding behavior anger management. These two formulas together become the anger management formula. If you take the time to understand the anger management formula you will likely change the way you think about anger. The second element of our anger management classes is the “stuff” you can do to work on, if interested, when not working your anger management class. The “stuff” we are talking about is called developing an anger management strategy (anger management activities you can engage in now, not waiting for another anger incident to occur) and developing anger management technique (anger management activities you can engage in when angry.) In each chapter the anger management student will learn either a new piece of information and/or a new anger management skill.

When should someone know to take one of your Anger Management Classes?

Our anger management class discusses anger in terms of frequency (how often), intensity (how extremes) and duration (how long). If a person has high frequency, high intensity or long durations they likely need an anger management class. We find this simple measures provides a good barometer for people to self asses if they need an anger management class.

Another way to determine if someone needs an anger management class is to simply ask if there are problems in their life as a result of anger management issues. If the person is having anger management related legal problems, school problems, employment problems or family problems, etc. they likely would benefit from taking an anger management class.

What is the best way to take an Anger Management Class?

Anger management classes come in many forms. The old traditional counselor in a chair method of dealing with people with anger management problems may be right for you. Counselors, psychologists and some social workers specialize in anger management and, if you have insurance or can afford their fees, you would do well to explore that route. Personally, I recommend a counselor or psychologist when the anger management problem is quite frequent, quite intense or lasts for substantial long periods of time.

Another popular way to take an anger management class is by attending an in person anger management classroom. This form of anger management class is often available in bigger cities. Basically, there are two forms of in person anger management classes; there is the anger management class and the anger management group . Anger management classes tend to be time fixed and often occur over several weeks. The anger management class is typically education and practice oriented. Anger management groups tend to be ongoing. They are usually more education and support oriented. If you don't like to read or don't mind sharing your anger management problems, or simply prefer a group or classroom setting, an anger management class or anger management group might be suited to you.

Offender Solutions® offers two other forms of anger management classes. Our anger management classes are offered as an online anger management class or a anger management workbook (study at home). As previously noted our anger management classes are educational in nature and provide anger management tips, tricks, techniques and strategy – much like the in person anger management classes. One huge benefit of an online anger management class is fidelity. Online anger management classes are delivered consistently the same way for each client and eliminate natural human errors and omissions.

Our workbook anger management class consists of the same content as the online class but is in a workbook format versus online.

Tell me about the online anger management class.

It really is pretty simple. The first thing you do is get registered so you can take your online anger management class – it's free to register. Try not to register more than one time, you will likely lose track of usernames and passwords and need to call our help center.

When you register you will be asked to input your email address. This becomes important because after you register for the online anger management class you will be sent an auto generated email confirming your registration. If you don't get an email right away I suggest you check your spam or junk-mail to see if it is there. You will also be asked for the email address of the person who referred you to our anger management class (If you have it). It is usually worth taking the time to get that person's email address because that person is sent a confirmation that you got registered for the anger management class and again when you complete your anger management class.

Once you are registered you need to pick the anger management class you want to take, the 8 hour anger management class, the 10 hour anger management class or the 12 hour anger management class.

Pick your class, click on the PayPal/Credit Card icon to pay for your anger management class and you are ready to go. We do have two tutorials that show you how to a) register for your anger management class or b) get to your anger management class.

Are there added costs or other things to buy?

The Offender Solutions® Online Anger Management Classes are 100% online. There are no additional items to buy and there are no added costs.

Will the Offender Solutions® Online Anger Management Class be accepted by the person who referred me to an anger management class?

Offender Solutions® is a nationwide premier provider of online anger management classes and has been accepted in every state in the country. That said, there is no national standard for anger management classes and any judge, probation officer or employer can accept an anger management class or reject it. We do offer a money back guarantee (be sure to read the details) if our online anger management class is not accepted.

Can I really take my anger management class anytime – day or night?

That's right! You can take your anger management class anytime, day or night, 23 hours a day 7 days a week. You also only need to work on your anger management class for as long as you want to. Stop and start when you want – they system will remember where you last ended your anger management class.

Are your exams difficult to pass?

Our exams do have fairly high standards. If you want to be sure to successfully complete any one chapter in your online anger management class you will very likely pass the exam if you simply read the material in that chapter. The only people who report our anger management class exams to be problematic are the people who tried “skimming” without learning. Our exams are typically reported to be easy after the person actually reads the chapter.

What if I need help, have a problem or need support?

Support to our anger management customers is very important to Offender Solutions™. We offer email support seven days a week 15 hours a day. We provide phone support 10 hours a day on weekdays are often available by phone on weekends. You can email support@offendersolutions.com and you will typically get a response in ½ or less.

How do I get my anger management class completion certificate?

After you have completed all of your anger management class a Completion Certificate is immediately made available to you. If you want Offender Solutions® to mail or email you a certificate, just ask – no added fee. Mailed anger management class Completion Certificates are embossed and can be sent directly to the person who referred you to our anger management class.














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Last Updated: December 1, 2019

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A Really Good Choice

  • Our anger management class is a convenient way to complete a court ordered, PO, diversion or school required program.

    You can take the class from any location in the United States, Europe, Canada or Australia with a computer and internet access. There is nothing to download or print, simply register, log in, pay and begin your anger class.


Privacy | Professionals | Anger Readings

Our Class Includes:

24 hour access to your class

Immediate Proof of Enrollment

Start and stop at any time - work at your pace

Use home computer or public library

A world class learning experience

User friendly

Support by phone weekdays, by email 7 days a week

Free Certificate of Completion immediately available upon completion

Is Our Anger Class Right for You?

Real World Anger Management

Anger Related Laws in Your State

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Our Philosophy:

Change your thoughts and you change your world .

~Norman Vincent Peale
(1898 - 1993)

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